Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a type of physical ability assessment that is used to evaluate an individual's ability to perform specific work-related tasks. The evaluation is typically performed by a trained healthcare professional, such as a physiotherapist, and can be used to assess an individual's ability to return to work after an injury or illness, or to determine their physical capabilities in the context of a job.

The FCE may also include an assessment of the individual's functional limitations, such as pain or reduced mobility, which may impact their ability to perform certain tasks. The results of the evaluation can be used to develop a plan for rehabilitation or to determine if the individual is fit to return to work. The information gathered from an FCE can also be used to help employers develop appropriate job descriptions and accommodations for employees with disabilities or other physical limitations.


How a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) works?

  • Referral and Intake: The FCE is usually initiated by a healthcare provider, insurance company, or employer, who refers the individual to a qualified evaluator. The evaluator will conduct an intake assessment to gather information about the individual's medical history, injury or illness, job duties, and any other relevant information.

  • Functional Limitations Assessment: The evaluator will also assess any functional limitations that may impact the individual's ability to perform certain tasks. This may include a pain assessment or an evaluation of the individual's mobility.

  • Evaluation: The FCE typically consists of a series of physical tests and exercises designed to measure the individual's strength, range of motion, endurance, and other physical abilities. The tests will be specific to the individual's job requirements and may include tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and repetitive movements, as well as balance and coordination exercises.

  • Report and Recommendations: Following the evaluation, the evaluator will provide a report detailing the individual's physical abilities and any functional limitations that were identified. The report may also include recommendations for rehabilitation, job accommodations, or modifications to the individual's job duties to ensure their safety and ability to perform the required tasks.

Potential benefits of having a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Assessment:

  • Accurate Assessment of Physical Abilities: An FCE is a comprehensive evaluation that assesses an individual's physical abilities in the context of their job requirements. This provides a detailed and accurate picture of the individual's capacity to perform specific tasks, which can help ensure that they are able to return to work safely and without risk of further injury or harm.

  • Tailored Rehabilitation Programs: The information gathered from an FCE can be used to develop a tailored rehabilitation program that is specific to the individual's physical capabilities and limitations. This can help ensure that the rehabilitation program is effective and targets the areas that need improvement.

  • Return-to-Work Planning: An FCE can be used to develop a plan for returning an individual to work, including identifying appropriate job duties and accommodations that will allow the individual to perform their job safely and effectively.

  • Objective Information for Employers: An FCE provides objective information about an individual's physical abilities and any functional limitations, which can assist employers in making informed decisions about job requirements and accommodations.

  • Reduced Risk of Injury: By ensuring that an individual is able to perform their job duties safely and without risk of further injury or harm, an FCE can help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and improve workplace safety.


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