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Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Members of the Occupational Health (OH) community collaborate with various individuals, including employers, staff, other health practitioners and medical personnel, engineers and designers.

They include a range of interventions aimed at minimising health and safety hazards for workers. They do it by helping them prevent any injuries or managing to stay active, increase their work efficiency and eliminate occupation-related health issues where physiotherapist assistance can help.


Is Occupational Health important?

Employment is said to improve physical and mental well-being and a worker's sense of intent, trust, self-worth, freedom and fulfilment. Going back to work after an illness or accident can be seen as a significant outcome measure when considering recovery services and working-age people's help.

What do we do?

As Occupational Health specialists, we are trained to understand the intricate relationship between work efficiency and health. The main objectives of our OH support are

  • Workers' health and working capability should be maintained and improved.
  • Improvements to working conditions to make them more health and safety friendly
  • To ensure work cultures that support workplace health and safety, conducive social interactions, and increased productivity.
  • To help influence the employees' work output positively by assisting them to come out of their workplace health issues.

Our Occupational Health Physiotherapists have extensive experience treating musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace, various psychological disturbances such as stress, depression and anxiety resulting from work. We address their chronic illness conditions and various other physiotherapy interventions to reduce absenteeism and promote their productivity.

Annphysiocare expert tips for workplace fitness

  • If you can, take some time off to get some fresh air.
  • Take a lunchtime stroll or join a fitness class to stay busy.
  • Maintain neck mobility by avoiding craning your phone between your ear and shoulder.
  • Don't overwork yourself for meeting deadlines at work; instead, distribute your workload and be punctual.
  • When the load is too heavy, seek assistance.
  • Have fun with your peers now and then in a day. Take breaks and hang out with them.
  • Plan weekend nature trips that release your stress.

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Here at Annphysiocare, our range of services offer essential aspects of occupational health and safety, such as prevention, evaluation, recovery, and preparation. You can assure to be served by a team of experienced physiotherapy experts, assisting you in the reduction of absenteeism and increasing occupational fulfilment in all types of workplaces and occupations.

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