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Online Physiotherapy

Don't worry if you're unable to physically reach our clinics with your busy working schedules. At AnnPhysiocare, we provide Online Physiotherapy allowing you to learn from some of our highly qualified physiotherapists right from the comfort of your home or office.It is ideal for people with mobility issues, childcare necessities, demanding work schedules, old-age and job-related travelling.
Are you wondering how it works without touching you? Many fractures and musculoskeletal problems require sticking to regular exercises and few more guidelines regarding lifestyle maintenance. All this can be very quickly done through a simple online consultation.

For several years, both the NHS and the private sector have used online consultations in healthcare, including physiotherapy. It is an efficient form of physiotherapy delivery. We are here to help you achieve your goals, whether you need an evaluation of a new injury, an analysis of how you are dealing with an old injury or proceeding with your recovery.


Advantages of Online Physiotherapy

Why make tiresome and inconvenient visits to physical clinics when at-home physiotherapy has several advantages and covers many physical interventions? Online Physiotherapy allows for the following.

  • Allows for comfort
  • Provides individualised services
  • Allows treatments to be carried out in familiar surroundings
  • There are no problems with mobility
  • Budget-friendly
  • Time management
  • Sessions conducted by expert, senior therapists
  • Standing/waiting in the queues eliminated

It is also known to increase the rate at which people are recovered.

What if a condition can't be treated online?

We recommend a more appropriate course of action if we discover during the initial assessment examination that your condition needs a different approach than online physiotherapy. We will make appropriate suggestions to plan your visits.

What problems can be addressed through Online Physiotherapy?

While some of the physiotherapy interventions require special attention, care and equipment, most common problems don't necessarily physically involve visiting our clinics. Some of the issues that can be addressed through Online Physiotherapy are,

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Bell's palsy
  • Hemiplegia
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Recovering from bone fractures
  • Any musculoskeletal injuries
  • Accident related recoveries
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation and many more.

Consult Us

Here at Annphysiocare, one of our physiotherapists will conduct your consultation over a safe network using a private video call. To meet your needs, we use a range of online channels viz., Skype, Zoom. We conduct 30-mins to 1-hour sessions at affordable prices. All you require is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that has a camera, microphone and speakers, headset or earphones at the least.
Our systematic assessment, evaluation, and treatment plans give you an experience of our physical clinic. We will provide you with tips and exercises to help you manage your injury to get you out of pain and make you catch up again.

Our Services For


We have a specialised body of knowledge and skills and can provide physiotherapy services across a range of settings, working either independently.


Ann Physiocare is registered with all major Health Insurance providers, we always do our best to make your insurance process as smooth as possible.

Pay As You Go Individuals

We are able to assist individuals with a wide range of issues without the need for public or private funding.


Clients Testimonials

I was referred to Ann Physiocare for neck and shoulder pain. I had the pleasure to be treated by Shyam. I can honestly say that he's amazing and gave great exercises to do at home which really helped. I would highly recommend and definitely choose Shyam at Ann Physiocare.

I came here with a personal injury & through the help of the caring team over a number of productive sessions I feel free from pain.Not only is the service great but the care and attention is superb. Amazing.

My physio is excellent, provided me with good set of exercises which helped me with my pain. Very good handson skills. Highly recommeded.

Very good experience with Sam who was very helpful and advised further exercises which were good for my recovery

I recommend. Ann Phisiocare Physiotherapy for every one . Very good

Libi Halder gave the most professional and thorough Physio. I would recommend her to anyone. She is amazing.

Sharon McGoey


Talha Mallick


Hussain Sofiean


Mehmet Gul




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