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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy device enables effective treatment of chronic pain associated with chronic inflammation and degeneration of tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, muscles and bones. It is also a great support in the therapy of trigger points, i.e. particularly sensitive places characterised by increased tension, which can generate radiating pain. The positive effects allow to stop taking painkillers, and often avoid having to undergo surgery.

The therapy is being used to treat issues such as, but not limited to: - Muscle tension, trigger points
- Plantar fasciitis
- Patellar tendonitis – jumper’s knee
- Inflammation of the lateral epicondyle of the humeral – tennis / golfer’s elbow
- Painful shoulder syndrome
- Inflammation and Achilles tendon pain
- Calcaneal spur (lower and upper)
- Anterior tibial syndrome
- Iliotibial band syndrome
- Overload and degenerative changes
- Trochanteric bursitis
- Tendinopathies and rotator cuff injury – tendon lesions
- Chronic enthesopathies


How does it work?

During shockwave therapy, impulses are generated which frequency may affect the patient’s comfort during the treatment. The pulse frequency range from 1 to 25 Hz allows to increase patient comfort without losing the therapeutic properties of the treatment.

During the treatment, the device’s gun-shaped applicator transmits an average of 4,000 shocks, depending on the type of injury. The effectiveness of shockwave therapy has been clinically confirmed. Therapeutic treatments related to the penetration of tissues by the shockwave bring benefits in the form of:

  • better tissue blood supply
  • reduced muscle tone
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
  • tissue regeneration
  • disintegration of calcifications

What to expect?

Treatment can be uncomfortable but tolerable. Usually 3-4 treatments carried out at an interval of one week allow to achieve the desired effect of therapy. Importantly, the therapeutic results are long-lasting, and the treatment itself does not require anaesthesia. It is a quick therapy without side effects. The application of physiotherapy treatments using shockwaves often consents to avoid surgical intervention. Shockwave therapy is a completely safe, but extremely effective treatment used in orthopaedics, rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic medicine. The therapeutic session lasts about 15-20 minutes.


Initial Assessment - £80

Following treatment session – £60

Ann Physiocare’s “Astar Impactis M+” is leading edge machine in the world of Shockwave Therapy.

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