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Physiotherapy Finchley


Chartered Physiotherapist Finchley

Quality and Chartered Physiotherapy now our Finchley Clinic, AnnPhysiocare. We provide both private and insurer services to our clients. All conditions of musculoskeletal, neurological and sports injuries are treated involving utmost care and highest standards by our experienced Physiotherapists. Both clinic and online programs are available.

We’re a group of Physiotherapists working towards the well-being of our clients with a vision to hand them over a rehabilitated life and functionality. Our expertise of 12+ years helps us deliver treatment and care that is of the highest quality. Our services are Electrotherapy, massage, manual therapy, acupuncture and exercise therapy.

Our clinic in Finchley is well located and provides all modern facilities. We have 60+ clinics operating in all other cities across England and Wales. Friendly staff and affordable services are offered in all of them.
If you’re thinking of hiring a Physiotherapist for your problems, call us today on 0330 124 2392

Landmark and Location:

The practice is located in a busy and popular location and has good public transportation facilities. Well-lit treatment room, Reception and Waiting area and Toilet.


Yes, street/paid

Disabled Access:


Ground/First Floor:

First Floor

Additional Information:

Corner Building

Available Treatment Options:

Manual therapy, Soft tissue mobilisation, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy etc

Finchley ( Face to face appointments – Available at this branch )

Utopia Therapy Hub,
1A, Leicester road,
East Finchley London, N2 9EJ
United Kingdom
Phone: 0330 124 2392
Email: rehab@annphysiocare.com

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